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About North Palmetto, Tommy Hasty and Team

Basically, since I was a kid, I have been doing assorted home improvement and building projects. There’s hardly a system in the home that I have not had experience working on. I was a youth pastor for 23 years and during that time I led over 40 construction mission trips in the United States, Brazil, and Honduras. Building and repairing homes was a hands on education, which ultimately led me into home inspection. 

I approach home inspection and the people I serve like I would perform my work on a mission trip. Treat the home owner well, do your work with integrity and most of all, strive to discover if the home is safe and sound. 

To provide the best inspection possible, lead me to becoming an FAA drone pilot. Most roofs today are too high and steep for an inspector to get on. It just is not safe for one person to get on a roof without a spotter or safety rigging. No one wants to die inspecting a home. Without being able to access a roof, it leaves many inspectors having to do the inspection from the ground. If you cannot get eye level with the roof, it is not giving the homeowner the best inspection possible. I would much rather get on a roof to examine it but if it is unsafe, a drone provides a superior alternative than inspecting from the ground. 

Our ​Team

From Top Down:

 Lead Inspector, Tommy Sr.

Finance and Accounting, Biscuit

Director of Spanish and Portuguese Services, Trishy

Director of Marketing and Creativity, Peanut

Spokes Model and Bill Collector, Tuna

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