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The cost of a home inspection varies based on the size and age of a home. A 3,000 sq ft home is going to have more to inspect than a 1,500 sq ft home, so it will take longer. Price will vary based on things such as a home either being on a concrete slab or having a crawl space. Below is a snapshot of the price range based on size of home. 

Full Home Inspection:

Base Price      Home Size

$275      1,000-1,499 ( Condos and smaller homes up to 1,499 sq ft)

$300      1,500

$381      2,000

$422      3,000

Home Check-up:

Check-ups are negotiable based on what you want inspected or how extensive. In general, if your home is one we originally inspected, the price is half of your original inspection or less. If we have not inspected your home but you still have a copy of your original home inspection, we can go by that report and charge you half of what we would for your size house.

If we have not inspected your house and you do not have a previous inspection report, we can discuss how extensive you want the inspection to be and then determine a price.


If you want to have your house examined prior to listing for sell, we can negotiate a price depending on how extensive you want your inspection to be. 

Pool Inspection:


Irrigation Inspection: