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Why A Home Inspection?

Your home is made up of numerous systems that should function as one, kind of like the human body. If one system is messed up, it can screw-up other systems or the whole body. A home inspection is kind of like going to your physician for a check-up. The doctor is mostly observing you from the outside and he/she might feel different external parts of your body. A physician uses several non-invasive tools that will give an idea of what is going on internally. At a check-up, a physician is not going to cut you open to see what is going on inside. In general, a physician can tell if a person is in good health or whether they need to get a bit more invasive.

A home inspection is mainly outwardly observing the various systems that make up a home. The inspector will look, feel and use tools to check out a home. If a home is unhealthy internally, the inspector can often detect external symptoms. The inspector will not cut open a wall or take apart a system. An inspection is not exhaustive or exploratory surgery. It is common for systems on a home to be inaccessible either because they are out of sight, out of reach, it’s dangerous, or the homeowner has too much junk in the way.

Before you purchase a home, you want some assurance that it is healthy. As a homeowner, you want to give the systems a check-up periodically to insure that it stays healthy. Typically, when you are looking for a physician, you will seek recommendations or you will go to someone you know. If you need a home inspector, do the same thing. Get recommendations from friends, use someone you know and trust or at the least, go on social media and ask.